ASC and Eptec Group announce a new $66 million blast and paint contract that will support more than 100 jobs on Collins Class Full Cycle Dockings in Adelaide.

ASC Chief Executive Officer Stuart Whiley said strong relationships with local businesses were important for the Collins program. They deliver ease of access to services, and support Australia’s industrial resilience.

Mr Whiley said: “The significant national security investments which are being made to grow Australia’s submarine capability are also creating hundreds of jobs, both at ASC and with suppliers”.
Eptec Group Chief Executive Officer Geoff Knox said more than 100 workers would be enlisted during each Full Cycle Docking at Osborne to deliver the blast and paint services.

“Eptec’s high-performing, multi-skilled workforce is committed to supporting Australia’s defence capability and the maintenance of critical assets like the Collins Class,” he said.

The six-year agreement results in Eptec providing blast services to clean submarine components and systems, ensuring their effective ongoing operation. Painting includes anti-corrosion protection for the submarine hulls and internal structures, as well as refreshing living areas including galleys, walls and ceilings to improve amenity for Australian crews.

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