Typically Eptec’s solutions use the latest resin technology, cement grouts, epoxy grouts, waterproof membranes, high tech reinforcement such as carbon-fibre and many other innovative and specialised products. Eptec does not manufacture products – it is purely an installer/applicator and is totally independent of any material suppliers. We will however often participate with manufacturers in the development and application of new products, always with a vision for improving industry techniques. Our specialised services are applicable across a broad spectrum of industries including Defence, Water & Wastewater, Infrastructure and Energy & Resources.

Specialist Engineering Contractor

Typically Eptec operates as a contractor to either the Asset owner or Prime Construction Contractor. As a contractor, the following capabilities ensure Eptec is well positioned to support the delivery of projects and minimise risk.

Contract Discipline

Our experience and in-house legal capability guarantees a professional contracting discipline and an ability to manage the demands and risks associated with large and complex contracting arrangements.

Project Management

Project management is at the centre of everything Eptec delivers. Even the smallest contract is assigned to a Project Engineer to guarantee scope/schedule/cost are tightly controlled. On larger projects, semi-permanent Project Offices are deployed with staffing to provide Project Management, OHS&E Management & Site Administration.

Multi-Skilled Workforce

As a result of employing its own permanent workforce, Eptec offers multi-skilled employees in the full range of activities it provides. This greatly improves both the efficiency and effectiveness of Eptec teams on large construction sites, especially in remote areas.

Flexible & Rapid Deployment

Eptec has built a reputation over many years for its ability to rapidly mobilise and deploy significant resources to often remote locations without relying on Labour Hire or Subcontracting companies.

Independent Engineering Function

Eptec is independent of any material or product suppliers and employs its own Senior Engineers with many years of experience in the industry. This in-house capability ensures Eptec is able to enhance or suggest alternative solutions to more complex problems.


Eptec is fully accredited for Safety and Quality, and is committed to Environmental accreditation. The Eptec Management System supports everything that we do and guarantees a consistency of delivery on every project.