Eptec was founded in 1997 in Sydney by Enrico Piccioli who with a small team, had developed decades of experience on major projects in the niche markets of corrosion protection, waterproofing and fibre reinforced composites.

Eptec today is an Australian based company with over 20 years’ experience in Asset Life Extension, supported by a professional team of industry professionals with a cumulative experience spanning decades in complex time critical projects. Its antecedence can be traced back to the early days of the highly respected Transfield construction company.

Eptec’s services span a wide industry base where the preservation and ongoing maintenance of critical assets are essential to our Nation’s security and operation of critical social and industrial infrastructure. Key sectors include Defence, Transport, Public Utilities, Mining, Oil and Gas.

Eptec’s foundations reach back to Port Kembla Copper in 1998 and a timeline shows an increasing complexity of high profile projects including:

Today, Eptec has an established presence across a range of industry sectors which include Naval Defence & Marine, Buildings & Facilities, Energy & Resources, Transport & Infrastructure and Water & Wastewater.

In December 2017 Eptec entered a new phase of its development. The original Eptec founders’ interests were acquired via a Management Buy In/By out supported by Private Equity. This has established a new growth platform that incorporates financial and strategic strength with the skills of the existing management team to better prepare for and pro-actively meet the demands and challenges of our clients’ Asset Life Extension needs in today’s market.