Landing Helicopter Docks

Project Details

The largest ships ever built for the Royal Australian Navy, the Landing Helicopter Dock ships or LHDs are under construction with the commissioning of the first ship scheduled in 2014.

Eptec is contracted to complete all preservation works of both ships including abrasive blasting and the application of protective coatings of the  superstructure at the construction stage.

The second stage of the build will see Eptec conduct compartment completion. This will include final preservation and decorative works, as well as the  application of flight deck non skid coatings and deck markings after the consolidation of the superstructure to the hull which is under construction in Spain.

Description of Works

  • Abrasive blasting and application of protective coatings to the modules for the construction of the Landing Helicopter Dock ships (LHDs)
  • Consolidation works for the LDHs
bae systems


BAE Systems


Williamstown, VIC, Australia

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