Spirit of Tasmania I & II

Project Details

Spirit of Tasmania I & II Deck 9 Refurbishment
TT Line operates two ferries that transport passengers and cargo to Tasmania on a daily basis from Melbourne.

Eptec refurbished deck 9 floor coverings, carpet, tiles, and seating. Works were completed while the vessels were operational, mooring in the morning and being ready for departure each evening, without disruption to the ship’s passage.

Spirit of Tasmania I & II External Refurbishment
The above-waterline areas of hull, superstructure, bridge and funnels were pressure water cleaned, corroded areas power tool cleaned, primed and fully coated with polyurethane coating. Markings and signage were reproduced.

The under water hull has been spot abrasive blasted, primed and re-antifouled.

Work was undertaken whilst the vessels were dry docked for survey under strict time restrictions. Access to all work faces was achieved by strategic positioning and innovative use of elevated work platforms in the safest environment.

Description of Works

  • Refurbishment of deck 9, both ships concurrently
  • Surface preparation to client specifications
  • Work off elevated platforms
  • Complete external hull coating (AWL) to both vessels
  • Superstructure and bridge surfaces coating to both vessels
TT Line Company
Thales Australia


TT Line Company & Thales Australia


Sydney, Devonport (Tasmania) & Melbourne

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