Macarthur Bridge

Project Details

Macarthur Bridge is located over the Nepean River at Camden and was built in 1972. The bridge spans over a total length of 1030 metres with two lanes and a pedestrian footpath. The superstructure consists of concrete girders with a concrete deck and reinforced concrete piers and abutments.

Eptec was engaged to complete repairs of the damaged concrete barriers for the full extent of the bridge and to reinstate the design strength and halt further deterioration. Some of the refurbishment works included but was not limited to:

• Provide EWP and UBIU access to provide safe access during the work on the outside of the barrier
• Removal of spalled and drummy concrete by jackhammers and repair with both form and pour and hand patch methods
• Surface preparation of all exposed steel reinforcement and application of zinc primer
• Remove and install reinforcement steel where there is 10% lost in the original diameter
• Application of galvanic cathodic protection system by use of zinc sacrificial anodes
• Repair of cracked concrete by use of both injection and sealing methods.
• Remove existing asbestos scuppers and replace them with stains steel ones
• Cleaning and application of a protective coating to over 2600 fasteners on the barrier rail

Description of Works

  • High pressure water washing
  • Concrete breakouts
  • Cleaning of existing reinforcement steel
  • Augmentation of reinforcement steel
  • Installation of sacrificial anode and formwork
  • Concrete pouring and hand pack repair
  • Crack injection and sealing
  • Application of fairing coat and protective coatings
  • Barrier joint expansion joint sealing
  • Removal and replacement of asbestos scuppers
  • Barrier rail fasteners restoration


DM Roads


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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