Lane Cove Bridge

Project Details

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) issued a project of rehabilitation works on the Epping Road Bridge over the Lane Cove River. The rehabilitation works were urgently required as bridge inspections had identified corrosion stains and high chloride levels within the concrete of the pier columns.

As a lead specialist, Eptec was contracted by DM Roads as a main contractor to the project. The majority of the works were carried out from static scaffolding. Due to the close proximity of the site to the public domain, the management of contamination and dust produced by the works was essential. Eptec designed innovative encapsulation of the work area for activities such as grinding and water blasting.

One of the key aspects of the project was the management of the Health and Safety of the environment, and personnel. To address this, Eptec devised the plan to utilise geofabric and plastic sheeting on the deck beneath the work area to capture any waste water or contaminants generated during the works. Further to this, Eptec also controlled waterway and pedestrian traffic.

A major component of this project was also to manage all the key stakeholders seamlessly to finish the project in the allocated time scope. Eptec is pleased to announce that the project has now been completed, safely, on time and on budget.

Description of Works

  • Installation of access systems
  • Concrete repair to Bridge soffit, girders and piles
  • Above water sacrificial anode Cathodic Protection (CP) system to all piles and columns at Piers 1 and 2
  • Installation of monitoring system for the CP system to all pier columns;
  • Underwater sacrificial anode CP system to all piles;
  • Application of silane to the pier column concrete surfaces


DM Roads


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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