Captain Cook Graving Inner Dock

Project Details

Eptec was commissioned by Thales Australia to rehabilitate the Captain Cook Graving Inner Dock in Sydney, Australia. It involved a multitude of processes, beginning with the mobilisation and demobilisation of on-site crew and equipment, hydro demolition, replacement of existing reinforcement with hot dipped galvanised reinforcement, and application of repair mortar. A cathodic protection system was implemented, with sacrificial anodes added to the structure of the graving dock to extend longevity.

Eptec was thorough with procedures during every stage, with due care to follow recommendations from design consultant, WorleyParsons.

Eptec satisfactorily completed the concrete repairs in the Captain Cook Graving Outer Dock on the Eastern top and bottom alters. The final visual inspection was conducted by Eptec personnel to ensure no damages or defects were present to surfaces.

Description of Works

  • Removing surface contaminates and debris
  • Hydro demolition of pressures up to 35,000 psi
  • Phenolphthalein testing to check for carbonation
  • Replacement of sacrificial anodes
  • Preparation and Installation of formwork
  • Installment of repair mortar
  • Removal of formwork
Thales Australia


Thales Australia


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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