Sino Iron Cape Preston Desalination Plant

Project Details

The Sino Iron Project is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation under construction in Australia. The desalination plant, which will be providing water for magnetite processing, boasts world’s first modular desalination plant in this scale. The desalination plant was built in modules and then shipped to Australia on barges and assembled on site.
Eptec has been engaged to conduct the site jointing of FRP/GRP pipework. Due to its modular nature, there were significant site adjustments required to accommodate variance in the assembly process. In addition, repair works were also carried out to damages caused by other site activities as well as damaged suffered duration transportation and handling.

Other works includes various types of protective coating and grouting works. The protective coating scope included general touch up of the entire plant, polyurea application and repairs, concrete coatings, and powder coating remediation.
Due to its location, all works were carried out under strict environmental controls to minimise the environmental footprint of the project. Measures put in place included encapsulation of work areas and dedicated, enclosed blast chambers to minimise dust generation.
The expertise, workmanship and professionalism demonstrated by the Eptec team has met and exceeded Client expectations.

Description of Works

  • FRP/GRP lamination, site fabrication of spools and repair works
  • Protective coatings to steel and concrete structures with various coating materials such as polyurea, UHBE, urethane and epoxy coatings
  • Grouting of module supports
  • Plastic welding
Citic Pacific Mining


Citic Pacific Mining Management / UGL Resources


Cape Preston, Pilbara WA

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