Cronulla STP Concrete Remediation

Project Details

Cronulla Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) upgrade is part of Sydney Water Corporation’s Odour Management Program (OMP). Its purpose is to minimise odour releases by improving onsite odour management and treatment. It serves approximately 200,000 people, treating approximately 54 mega litres of wastewater per day in dry weather. The OMP has nominated Cronulla STP as a ‘high risk’ plant.
Eptec successfully completed stage 1 of the works within the prescribed time frame assisting the client to progress with the forthcoming stages of the project. Eptec carried out the works in a highly sensitive area with strict safety and environmental controls.
Eptec’s expertise and professional approach was highly commended by the Client with an award being presented for safe working practices.

Description of Works

  • Concrete Remediation – Primary Sedimentation of Tanks/ Grit Tanks in Stage 1. Done in accordance with SWC specifications and standards
  • Ultra High Pressure surface preparation
  • High build epoxy compound and cementitious repairs
  • Protective coating
  • Supply & install HDPE (AKS) liner
  • Localised crack repair with cementitious products
  • Chemical crack injection treatment
  • Formwork & concrete pour for slabs and filling trenches
  • Non-shrink grouting repair of expansion joints
Sydney Water


Sydney Water – OMPA Joint Venture


Sydney, Australia

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