Oran Park Pump Station

Project Details

Oran Park is a locality on the South West interface of the Sydney Metropolitan area which has been converted from a semi-rural area into a new suburban zone. As the biggest development of Greater Sydney, developers build infrastructure to cater for the planned growth. Typical sewer infrastructure has been implemented including pump stations, sewer carriers, rising mains and manholes.
Eptec was engaged to install all corrosion protection systems to two (2) major pumping stations. Eptec provided all services to Sydney Water standards.

Description of Works

  • HDPE (AKS) Lining System
  • HDPE material supply
  • HDPE site welding and testing
  • CAC (Calcium Aluminate Cement)
  • High build epoxy coatings
  • Sydney Water Protective Coatings Standards


Landcom / CLM Infrastructure Pty Ltd


Oran Park, NSW, Australia

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