Warragamba Dam

Project Details

Warragamba Dam was commissioned in 1960 and the dam wall extended in 1991. Steel guide rails in the upstream face facilitate the installation of stoplogs allowing maintenance of the four radial gates.
The unprecedented low water levels, exposed the full height of the rails facilitating access to replace or refurbish the heavily corroded rails.
As the primary contractor, Eptec’s scope was to remove the existing rails by demolition of grout, fabrication of new rails and cathodic protection. All work was undertaken under an accelerated program in case of increased water levels.

Description of Works

  • Design
  • Scaffolding
  • Demolition
  • Rail fabrication
  • Lead abatement
  • Protective coating
  • Site works
  • Cathodic protection
Sydney Catchment Autority


Department of Commerce for the Sydney Catchment Authority


Warragamba Dam, NSW, Australia

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