Project Details

Eptec has undertaken an above ground pipe recoating program in Mt Crosby, 30 mins west of Brisbane, for Seqwater. The project consisted of 5 sections of pipeline, totalling over 1.5km, which are all considered vital to the supply of drinking water to Brisbane and its surrounds.

These sections of pipeline were first encapsulated, using fixed scaffolding or mobile gantries, then washed, dry abrasive blasted to SA2½ and finally painted. The paint system, supplied by Carboline applied in three coats, a zinc-rich primer, a high-resistance epoxy intermediate coat and a polyurethane finishing coat.

Despite the significant effects of inclement weather, the project was completed on time, while exceeding client and paint manufacturer expectations of quality and safety. In order to verify quality and adherence to the specification, a third party inspector (Incospec) was employed.


Description of Works

  • Carboline Paint Systems
  • Rugged, Natural Bush Land Terrain
  • External Party Inspector for Quality Checks




30 mins west of Brisbane, Australia

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