Towns Place Car Park

Project Details

Eptec was engaged to install and test a fully concealed impressed current cathodic protection system in the Towns Place Apartments car park.

The system comprised over 6 kilometres of conductor ribbon to car park ceilings, in excess of 500 titanium discrete anodes to columns and 230m2 of titanium mesh to the car park walls.

Additionally, the 8 month project required Eptec to undertake waterproofing and concrete remedial work including:
– Injection of polyurethane resin to bedrock under high water table conditions
– The application of liquid latex membrane to all wall perimeter spoon drains
– Extensive spalled concrete and crack repairs to slabs, beams and columns

Eptec’s workforce maintained a defect-free material, quality and safety record under difficult working conditions and a substantially increased work scope. Eptec successfully completed the project within budget and within the client’s time frame, a testament to the company’s expertise and professionalism.

Description of Works

Installation of impressed current cathodic protection system (ICCP) to 4 storey harbour-side underground car park structure including:

  • Ribbon system to car park ceilings
  • Discrete anodes to beams and columns
  • Titanium mesh to walls


Concrete remedial works and waterproofing including:

  • Polyurethane resin injection to bedrock
  • Liquid membrane application to drainage system
  • Polyurethane resin injection to cracks, and repair of spalled concrete


Walsh Bay Finance Corrosion Control Engineering Pty Ltd


Sydney, NSW, Australia

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