Silverwater Bridge

Silverwater Bridge was constructed in the early 1960’s and spans about 190 meters across the Parramatta River. This bridge is a part of Silverwater Road (A6) that is a two-way carriageway with [...]

Macarthur Bridge

Macarthur Bridge is located over the Nepean River at Camden and was built in 1972. The bridge spans over a total length of 1030 metres with two lanes and a pedestrian footpath.

Viva Tanks

HMAS Albatross is the largest operational Naval establishment in Australia with a total area of 928 hectares and is home to the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm.

Peats Ferry Bridge

The Peats Ferry Bridge was completed in 1945 and up until the construction of the parallel Brooklyn Bridge in 1973, formed part of the main road route between Sydney and Brisbane.

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